Tuesday, 8 December 2009

para a Isabel uma canção


Oh! To be a flower
Nodding in the sun,
Bending, then upspringing
As the breezes run;
Holding up
A scentbrimmed cup,
Full of summer's fragance to the summer sun.

Oh! To be a butterfly
Still, upon a flower,
Winking with its painted wings,
Happy in the hour.
Blossoms hold
Mines of gold
Deep within the farthest heart of each chaliced flower.

Oh! To be a cloud
Blowing through the blue,
Shadowing the mountains,
Rushing loudly through
Valleys deep
Where torrents keep
Always their plunging thunder and their misty arch of blue.

Oh! To be a wave
Splintering on the sand,
Drawing back, but leaving
Lingeringly the land.
Rainbow light
Flashes bright
Telling tales of coral caves half hid in yellow sand.

Soon they die, the flowers;
Insects live a day;
Clouds dissolve in showers;
Only waves at play
Last forever.
Shall endeavor
Make a sea of purpose mightier than we dream today?

Amy Lowell


  1. What a flower!!! ...worthwhile to be a flower with so much beauty even short lived!... But to live forever as a wave at play...well...endeavor might make a sea of purpose mightier but the dream makes it possible!
    Thank you for the beauty of it all.

  2. Just to let you know: I've just published a book about Amy Lowell: "Amy Lowell Among Her Contemporaries," available at amazon.com and bn.com